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System Restore Error Symptom

What are the error messages in ixmldomparseerror?

Error messages derived from the type of the errorCode property of the IXMLDOMParseError object, which always refers to parsing errors. XML Document Object Model (DOM) error messages. XML Query Language (XQL) trademark error messages. Error messages for the Simple API for XML (SAX).

“I inserted the Win8 recovery disk to boot the computer and it helps me access the recovery services to restore the system image. At this point I thought it was great, but I get this error: “Windows cannot permanently restore the image systems on a computer with installed firmware. thexmlguys.com imaging system was built around one computer using BIOS and another computer using EFI. I can’t figure out what’s going on because it could be the SAME COMPUTER! I just want to help you repair your computer, why is it so difficult? »

Many guests have reported the error “Tiered Image Restore Failed” when trying to use the Windows System Recovery Disc or Installation Disc to recover the computer from the BIOS. Some common situations are listed below.

  • This error most often occurs when performing a full system restore on multiple computers with different hardware.

  • You may receive an error message that the systemthe tag was created on a computer with EFI/BIOS installed and that computer is using BIOS/EFI.

  • You will still not be able to recover System Perception in Windows 7/8/10 if the recovery disk and system image you created is probably from a different computer, especially if the type of computer has a different firmware.

  • Also, this error can occur if each old hard drive and the new one now have different partition styles. That is, if this old disk is your mbr, the system image on a GPT disk cannot be restored to it.

  • Cause Of Platform Image Restore Failure Due To EFI/BIOS

    Computers have two different boot modes: Legacy BIOS and Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). UEFI is the primary recommended boot mechanism on newer computers, while older computers use the BIOS. UEFI mode includes installing the system to a drive with a large GUID Partition Table (GPT) and BIOS to a drive with a Master Boot Record (MBR).

    Windows does not allow you to restore a UEFI system from a specific computer to a computer with BIOS and vice versa. Some UEFI based computersoften support UEFI boot mode and legacy BIOS compatibility mode, which can cause an error even if you restore a homemade system to the original computer where you backed up the system.

    Solutions When You Want To Restore A System Image Due To An EFI/BIOS Failure

    The following are three commonly used methods for fixing a system style error. You need to make sure both computers are running the correct firmware and that both hard drives are using the actual partition style. Then you can usually use two methods depending on your family situation. If this is not your precious case, you can use another one. To restore the system regardless of your efi/bios, you can access any advanced solution.1:

    Solution Make Sure All Computers Have The Same Firmware Installed

    Backing up your computer and restoring a computer device with completely different firmware is one of the most common reasons you receiveError message “Network recovery does not work”. How will this check if your computer is using BIOS or uefi?

    In general, when a full computer uses UEFI mode, it can create an EFI partition, and a UEFI system can only be installed on a GPT disk. For bios, the personal system will be installed on a great MBR disk, most likely with one reserved system partition. So you can use Disk Management to check if your computer is producing UEFI or BIOS. If the backup was done entirely in the computer’s BIOS, change this special boot mode to Legacy on the target computer. If you are backing up on a UEFI computer, switch to UEFI boot mode.

    Detailed steps: Boot these computers into the boot menu by pressing a specific key (such as Esc, F2, F9, F12, etc.) during boot. Select UEFI or Legacy from the boot menu.

    Solution 2: Make Sure The Two Discs Usually Have The Same Style

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    It is clear from the above section that an MBR disk needs a system reserved partition while a GPT disk has an EFI partition. TakiThus, a person can also check in Disk Management whether the two disks are MBR or GPT. If the symbolic disk is MBR, you can convert your disk from GPT to MBR on the target computer. If the GPT image CD is a hard drive, be sure to change the target drive from MBR to GPT. Steps:

    details Type cmd in the search field and run as administrator. Then enter the following statements one by one.

  • part of a hard drive

  • Disk list

  • Select a drive (n is the number of the drive.)

  • convert gpt (or convert mbr)

  • Solutions Delete 3: Original Sections And Extend New

    This method was developed on the Microsoft forum. This means if you want to be very helpful. Here I take Windows 7 as an example to show you the detailed steps. If you are using Windows 8/10 there is a slight difference here.

    1. Go to BIOS and set Boot Function to UEFI. Then turn off your computer.

    5. Select the operating system you want to install and click Next.

    8. Choosethose partitions on the source DVD and click Delete. Now, if you share more than one section, select them one by one and delete all affected ones.