How to fix Windows 10 Game Bar error “Could not write properly

The desktop is truly the heart of the Desktop Lounge operating system. We store a lot of files there, and since it’s when you log in to your account that you end up there, not having access to them causes an uproar. Sometimes the system throws an error that indicates that the desktop is pointing to an unavailable installation. First of all, there is usually no need to panic. Your files are safe, this software cannot find them. In this article, we will definitely suggest some fixes to help you fix the “Location not available” error if you are considering the desktop in Windows 11/10.

Office Location Is Not Only Available Or Accessible

C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\Desktop points to an inaccessible location. It could be one on this computer while traveling, or one available online. Make sure the hard drive is properly inserted and that you are connected to the Internet or your network, then try again. If it still can’t be found, the information might need to be moved to a new interesting location.

This post is usually popular after login. Since each user creates their own profile and therefore Windows has to put you somewhere, it first checks to see if this is the case. Perhaps due to a series of registry configuration errors, or even global settings or user profile settings, this location is not correct. This can often happen during an update with occasional program uninstallation, profile data corruption, etc.

When this happens, Windows allows you to have a new desktop, which often contains no data other than what is normally the default. This is getting intimidating.

Repair The Desktop In Almost Any Inaccessible Place

The solution usually applies to Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7. Also, someone only needs admin rights for one of these methods. If you are adding a standard account, you must either create one or ask your PC administrator to select one for you.

  1. Manually copy the desktop folder to the system profile
  2. Add PC location hVia Registry Editor
  3. User profile may be corrupted
  4. li>< li>Update RPC settings

1] Manually copy the desktop folder to the system profile

If someone correctly sees the error message, they will search your desktop using C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile. However, the typical desktop city is C:\Users\\Desktop. They are planned inside. To fix this, do the following calculations:


Then restart your computer and see if the problem resolves.

You can’t see the desktop file in procedures, change your view setting to show hidden files.

2] Add Desktop Location via Registry Editor

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folder

To act on these values, double-click and enter one of the following commands:

  • %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
  • C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Desktop

3] user profile that you may be corrupted

Owner profile settings could be t be damaged. To follow this method, you will need if you want to have an administrator account, which will probably start the computer in safe mode and then update some PC settings for you. Check out our online guide to fixing corrupted profiles.

4] RPC update settings

In the Services section, scroll down to Remote Procedure Call and make sure the status is Started and set to Automatic.

We rely on at least one treatment plan to suit you. It can only be matched to make sure you are on the right track and that your software remains safe.

NOTE. If you are unable to boot into Windows 10 normally, you may need to boot into Safe Mode or the Advanced Boot Options screen in order to run my fixes.

How Do I Fix That My Desktop Is Probably Not Available?

To fix the “PC desktop is not available” error in Windows 11/10,The user needs to manually copy the PC folder to the system profile and specify the desktop location through the registry editor. These two steps can help us solve your problem on your computer when accessing the desktop, I would say.

How Do I Fix A Windows 11/10 Location That Is Not Available?

In order to fix the problem that your current location is not available on Windows 11/10, you may need to take some time to fix the clean boot mode, run a chkdsk scan, make sure your company has full ownership of the file, etc. If you are looking for it when you are having problems with the desktop, you may need to manually copy the location of the desktop directory to system data.

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Problem: How to fix Windows 10 Game Bar error “Unable to save, please try again later?”

I’m having a problem with my Xbox Game. The recording really works. On Windows, when I press Tip + G, I getMessage “Unable to save now, please try again later.” How to solve this problem?

“Failed to record now, please try again later” is a genuine Windows 10 error related to the Game DVR feature, which is considered part of the Xbox app.[1] Microsoft has noticed that today PC gamers will record, edit and discuss gaming moments with people on social media, which is why Microsoft has integrated the Game DVR (Game Bar) feature into Windows 10.

In order to record the type of gameplay in the background of a game session, the player must press the Windows key + G. However, Game DVR uses a significant amount of CPU resources and usually results in slow performance during gameplay. [2]

Also, many people are annoyed by the game bar because it often shows pop-ups, one of the common ones is the message “Could not save now, please try again later”. Many people have reported that this is annoying and seems to be specific to Minecraft.