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Restore cron egg for pc

Which BIOS? The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) or UEFI – as the system configuration is no doubt called many other configurations – serves as a new self-test of the most important components of computer systems and at the same time an excellent initialization of installed hardware, such as a video card.

Changes and resets related to the BIOS can be made from the computer’s BIOS menu. A regular manual reset is necessary, especially since access to the software is probably not possible.

In order to reset the BIOS settings, you must boot into the BIOS. Turn on the computer and, while holding the settings button, turn it on. Depending on your PC, this may be the F2 key or the F10 key. During the restart, the main accuracy is usually displayed on the touch screen. You can also contact your PC manufacturer or consult an online book.

In the BIOS of a new computer, use the arrow to move temporarily between menu options. To reset the computer to zero, select the Standard, Configuration, or Simultaneous option. This may vary from platform to platform. The parameter canSometimes it says “Load default settings from marked configuration” and even “Restore default settings”. Confirm the setting by pressing ENTER.

Today, your system will probably confirm that “Default Configuration” is loaded. After confirmation, BIOS reset to zero will be performed automatically.

If you are unable to enter the BIOS, you may need to create your own computer. Important: Opening the computer workstation usually voids the warranty. Keep this in mind when selling computer software.

Before performing any manual reset, simply turn off the previous computer and disconnect it from all power sources. This will power the laptop battery if it can be manually removed. For the usual reasons, you have to discharge, such as touching a metal floor surface. This prevents damage to the motherboard or other components.

The BIOS is the heart and brain of every PC. An incorrect setting can destroy the entire system in such a way that it will not be possible to start it. If you incorrectly set athen the parameter and the computer is confused, you can reset the BIOS settings and reset the default settings that have gone astray.

There are different ways to reset the BIOS, we will introduce them to you. Resetting is useful not only for problems with the PC. Also, when installing a BIOS chip or a new one after updating the BIOS, which settings need to be reset.

Reset BIOS: PC Won’t Boot?

System BIOS Reset

If you still access the BIOS, it may reset incorrect settings directly through the user interface.

  • To open the BIOS, you need to press a certain key when starting the computer.
  • The function is often hidden behind the F1, F2, Delete, and other keys. Usually the appropriate taste is displayed during the loading process. See also: How to enter BIOS?
  • In the BIOS, you can reset the settings using the Load Defaults option. Here, too, the notation for live may differ depending on the system.
  • The next time you boot your computer, the BIOS will be loaded with factory settings.
  • Resetting The BIOS Helps If The PC Is Not Working

    Resetc Via CMOS Battery

    In many cases, it may happen that the PC freezes during the boot process and there is no way the BIOS is no longer running to bring up the BIOS. In some cases, you can also perform a BIOS reset. There are even two different methods. Both must be previously disconnected from the power supply due to the PC. In addition, the power button on some computers is used to discharge residual charge.

  • The computer can now be opened.
  • Locate the dead battery on the motherboard and remove it.
  • Settings and system time are also stored in the battery when the computer is turned off and without power.
  • Wait up to 30 minutes after uninstallation for BIOS to forget all settings.
  • Wait time required as settings can be saved without battery.
  • This restores the original configuration.
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  • Reset Via Jumpers

    If the reset doesn’t work by removing the battery, or if you want to choose another more reliable method, you can also do this.Upgrading the BIOS through the motherboard. This method differs from motherboard to motherboard, so you should check the manual here.

    1. Turns off the computer, unplugs and unplugs the power button a few times to discharge.
    2. Also here, first remove the CMOS battery as described above.
    3. Each motherboard has a Clear CMOS jumper. This one can also leave this life by marking “JBAT1”, “CLRCMS”, “CMOS_CLEAR”.
    4. This knight has positions, three of which are occupied by the first two.
    5. If the BIOS settings need to be reset manually, set the switch to To 2-3.
    6. Wait a few seconds.
    7. Return the jumper to its normal position. Doesn’t start the PC family room if the jumper is still in the delete position. This can cause a short circuit, which will damage the motherboard and only make the problems with the PC worse.