How to manage Realplayer Codec 9?

RealAudio was widely used by BBC websites until 2009 but was discontinued due to declining wear and tear. The BBC World Service, the last of the BBC websites to use RealAudio, discontinued its use in March 2011.

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RealPlayer 16 for Windows

Developers RealNetworks
First release 3. April 1995; 26 years ago
Stable Windows: (December 5, 2021; 52 years ago) [ ±]

OS X: (September 7, 2012; a few years ago[1]) [±]

Windows Mobile: 1.1 (July 30, 2009; 12 years ago[2]) [±]

Android: 1.2.151 (27 days)December 2013; 8 five to ten years ago) [±]

Overview 16.0 (tbd) ) [±]
Work with macOS, system Windows, Linux, Solaris, Android, BeOS, Symbian and Palm operating system
Platform IA-32, x86-64, ARM and MIPS
English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), German, French, Korean, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese
Type Media Player
License Freemium [3] < /sup>[4] [5][6]

Is RealPlayer dead?

RealPlayer still exists, even the RealPlayer of 1998 is no different from the RealPlayer of today. This is how it has changed over the years. When RealPlayer was finally replaced by Adobe Flash and the new HTML5 standard, perhaps no one complained.

RealPlayer Formerly known as RealAudio Player, RealOne Player and G2, realplayer codec 9 is another cross-platform media player application developed by RealNetworks. Multimedia The player is equipped with many media container file formats, including MP3, MP4, the QuickTime file format, the Windows Media component, and the proprietary RealAudio and RealVideo formats.[7] RealPlayer is also available for other Linuxes. OS; Unix, Palm OS, Windows Mobile and Symbian flavors released.

This is provided by an open source core multimedia automation engine calledHere Helix.First [8]


RealPlayer was released on April 3, 1998 as RealAudio Player and was one of the first media players to support media streaming over the Internet. RealPlayer version 4.01 was then included as a selectable Internet service in the Windows 98 installation package.[9] Later versions of the software were labeled “RealPlayer G2” (version 6) or “RealOne Player”. 9), (version), while the inexpensive “Basic” versions as well as the supported “Plus” versions, the latter with additional features, were offered as a standalone RealJukebox software.

RealPlayer 11 was released for Microsoft Windows in November 2007 and for Mac OS X in May 2008. RealPlayer 15 was released on November 18, 2011. This version allowed users to capture, transfer music and therefore photos between computers and mobile devices. , share video links with photos on sites like Facebook and MySpace, and download videos from popular sites like YouTube and thus Metacafe.

Initially, RealPlayer was used as a plug-in by a large number of users to relax and watchreflection of streaming video or listening to audio on the move (for example, most BBC websites used one of our plugins); [10 ] but in the early 2100s, Adobe Flash became the preferred then HTML5 video tutorials.

Current Status

In February 2016, RealNetworks released RealPlayer 18, which includes features prior to the release of RealTimes that year, an application that creates multiple montages of user photos and videos, secures them, and is available through a cloud repository. The blog details who else has “RealPlayer RealTimes” (short for “RealPlayer”), as well as legacy downloaders, converters, and web videos. Will it also include our RealTimes features such as RealTimes photos and stories, our YouTube auto-embed feature? [11] Please note that as of 2018, the publisher has only added RealTime to enable use on Macs or more by publishing a multimedia shooter called RealPlayer Mac OS.

As of January 2022, is running RealPlayer for Windows, Android, and iOS.


Is RealPlayer malware?

Realplayer is definitely not a trojan, Real has been around for 15 years (15?) and while I don’t agree with their player, it’s definitely not malware. One feature of Realplayer that I haven’t found in any other player is the ability to intercept streaming video.

RealPlayer features include a video software utility, a web browser, visualization (graphic animations or “light shows” that appear on the screen while music is playing), an equalizer, and video controls (including fade-in and gapless playback in RealPlayer Plus). , audio recorder, CD ripping and media converter that allows you to convert computer data files to various popular music and video formats.

  • Photo and video sharing. Users can post videos to Facebook and Twitter, send emails, and send text messages to friends and family directly from the software.

Supported Media Formats

  • RealMedia units: RealAudio (*.ra, *.rm), RealVideo (*.rv, *.rm, *.rmvb), RealMedia HD (*.rmhd), RealPix (*.rp), RealText (*.rt), RealMedia label (*.ram, *.rmm)
  • Streaming: Real-time Streaming Protocol (rtsp://), Progressive Network Streaming Protocols (pna://, Microsoft pnm://), Windows Media Streaming Protocol (mms://), ] [12] Real Scalable Multicast (*.sdp), synchronized integration language Multimedia (*.smil, *.smi)
  • Audio: MP3 (*.mp3, *.mp2, *.mp2, *.m3u), Audio CD (*.cda), WAV (*.wav), AAC/aacPlus v1 (*.aac, *.m4a, *.m4b, *.mp4, *.acp, *.m4p), Apple Lossless, AIFF (*.aif, *.aiff), AU audio files (*.au), Panasonic AAC (*.acp)
  • Video: DVD (*.vob), Video CD (*.dat), MPEG video (*.mpg, *.mpeg, *.m2v, *.mpe, etc.), AVI (* .avi, *.divx), MJPEG video playback for .avi files, Windows Media (*.wma, *.wmv, etc.) (requires Windows Media Player 9/10), QuickTime (*.mov, *. qt) (QuickTime Player must be installed), Adobe Systems Flash (*.swf) (Looks like Flash or Shockwave Player is installed), Flash Video (*.flv).
  • Playlists (*.rpl, *.xpl, *.pls, *.m3u)
  • Graphics: bitmaps (*.bmp), GIF images (*.gif), JPEG images (*.jpeg, *.jpg), PNG images (*.png)

Formats Supported By Optional Plugins


RealPlayer already ships with various plugins. Some plugins are listed on the RealPlayer accessories page, but not all.

Sound enhancement
Four “Enhancer” MP3 files are available for the latest version of RealPlayer. DFX, iQfx, Volume Logic, not to mention Sanyo 3D Surround.[44] Lake PLS, a product of Lake Technologies, only works with RealJukebox and has limited ergonomics. Some registry changes help determine what type of LakePLS works with RealPlayer 10. Lake PLS is still available on the RealPlayer website.
RealPlayer Skin Creators
RealPlayer has two skinning plugins: SkinsEditor for RealJukebox is an easy-to-use skinning tool developed exclusively by DeYoung software. The app, the second RealJukebox Skins Converter app, easily converts Winamp skins to RealPlayer skins.
Playback plugins
For more information, see Formats Supported by Optional Plugins
vTuner Plus[45] is a radio tuner specially designed to support RealPlayer.
The following visualizations are available on the RealNetworks website: FrequencywurX, FyrewurX, XFactor, flamewurx, Spectrl View, FluxWave, Puddle, Paint Blobs, Polka Dots, StickSterZ 1.0, Circle, On the Road, Real Logo, and Hubble Bubble. There are several other visual plugins such as RealNetworks’ Surreal.FX, SoundSpectrum’s G-Force and WhiteCap, and SticksterZ 1.1[46]
Firefox Browser (Firefox Loader)
RealPlayer has a browser download add-on required for Firefox (currently version 1.0) that allows the user toLet the PC load videos from the clip player window (video players popup menu in the upper right corner).
Alexa Audioscrobbler toolbar that connects RealPlayer to Last.FM music social network.

Supported Platforms For RealPlayer

Does anyone still use RealPlayer?

Finally, if you ask someone over 25 what their most stable RealPlayer RAM is, you probably won’t get an affirmative answer. And yet, despite all this, RealPlayer persevered.


Is Windows 10 compatible with RealPlayer?

Yes, the PC version of all RealPlayers with RealTimes is compatible with Windows 10 and includes the Download this video feature for the latest version of the Edge browser. Follow these instructions to update your personalization.

RealPlayer SP offers audio CD burning, DVR-like playback buffers, media search, internet radio, a jukebox-style file library, a great built-in web browser (with Microsoft Internet Explorer), and the ability to refactor media and delivery. it to a number of devices. These include jam players such as the iPod and Zune, smartphones such as the iPhone and BlackBerry, portable gaming devices such as the Sony PSP, and console gaming systems such as the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. Starting with version 11, RealPlayer SP expands support for Flash video, DVD, SVCD, VCD (120 minutes) burning, and video capture (DRM support).

Is Windows 10 compatible with RealPlayer?

Yes, the PC version of RealPlayer with RealTimes is interchangeable with Windows 10 and includes a dedicated Download This Video feature for the new Edge browser. Follow these instructions to upgrade to the new version.

RealPlayer Enterprise has been a licensed product since 2008 due to enterprise applications that can be configured and remotely controlled using RealPlayer Enterprise Manager.[47] Realplayer Enterprise Education Ed Free Editionition has been removed. [48] Both Enterprise Realplayer themes are lightweight, ad-free RealPlayer machines that lack most insecure credit card features and most plugins. The RealSched.exe update reminder can be disabled in two steps, and it usually didn’t reset when the player started.

Is RealPlayer A virus?

Realplayer is definitely not a trojan, Real has been around for years (15 years?) and while I don’t like their player, it’s definitely not malware. One feature of Realplayer that I haven’t found in any other player is the ability to record buffered video.