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Offline Playback / Save FLV Video Files from Web Browser Cache

When you use a web browser such as Chrome, it stores certain website policies and therefore cookies in its cache. Removing them will solve some problems, such as problems loading or formatting a website.

The Microsoft Windows 10 Store is a great place to automatically update and download apps, but it’s also prone to outages. If the Custom Store gives you the “Windows cache may be corrupted” error when troubleshooting, you need to reset the Microsoft Store or install the Windows cache on cv.

Windows or microsoft stores various records that you have accumulated during your use. This may include downloaded log files, thumbnails, downloaded temporary files, etc.

Sometimes cache data gets corruptedThe easiest way to get this fix is ​​to reset Microsoft Store, which will also clear the cache.

How To Clear Windows Main Memory Cache With WSReset Using.exe

How do I fix windows cache?

On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and type R at the same time, then type wsreset.exe and press Enter.
Wait for the Windows Store cache reset tactic to finish.
Once the process is complete, the Windows Store will open.


How To Reset Microsoft Store From Settings


If the above method works, should you sign up or reinstall the Microsoft Store by following this with the important facts guide. After you’ve got everything set up, you may want automatic delayed app updates.

How do I reset my cache in Windows 10?

The WSReset tool is a good way to reset Microsoft Store settings. It combines speed itself and ease of use. Next, we will show you how to clear the Microsoft Store cache associated with third-party stores using the app management prompt.

  1. Run WSReset. exe

    Press Ctrl R + to open the Run dialog box, then type “WSReset.exe” in the “Open:” field. Click OK when you’re done.


  2. Wait for this tool to do its job.

    An empty command window may open lines. While this may not sound like much, it actually resets your memory data. After about thirty seconds, it should

    Wait, alt=””>

  3. for the type of store being opened

    If I said the reset was successful, the Microsoft Store should open as normal shortly thereafter with no errors. If an occurrence or error occurs, continue to the next step.

  4. Open
  5. quick command

    Click and “Start” type “Command Prompt”.Click on all the first results.


  6. Run the whoami command and copy your sid

    On the command line, press whoami and /user and press Enter. It should return output starting with USER INFORMATION.

    Highlight the string in and within the numbered letters in the SID section, and right click on the button above to select it according to the clipboard to copy the file. Paste it into the notepad file for further study and close the window.

  7. alt=””>


  8. Regedit

    Click Start and type Registry Editor. Click on the main result.

    How do I clear my cache on Windows?

  9. and Locate clear Windows For 10 cache for the entire user. In the Registry Editor address bar, paste the following and don’t navigate to the folders on the left side:

    Computer/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Appx\ AppxAllUserStore

    Scroll down until they find a laptop or computer key that matches the client SIDs they copied earlier. Right-click the folder, then click Delete. Alt=””>

  10. Confirm key deletion

    click on “Yes” in the pop-up dialog to permanently delete the key.

more friendly

The Windows Store cache can be cleared using the Settings app. However, previous versions of Windows 10 do not have this capability, so they will be updated first.

  1. Open Places

    Then click “Start”, the icon in the gears of the start menu at the top, the power button.


  2. Click Attached to Applications


  3. more

  4. Open the Microsoft Store settings Press

    in the Apps & features door panel settings. Scroll down the list until you see “MMicrosoft Sie Store. By clicking on click it, “More options”.

  5. Reset the Microsoft Store

    Wait for the process to complete and launch the Microsoft Store immediately afterwards.

  6. Video StreamView


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  • Replay Sofer

    Linked Suite captures Capture – the entire video/audio stream and successfully converts it to 36 popular formats.

  • InstalledCodec displays – A list of all your driver codecs currently installed on the system, which may disable unwanted driver codecs.
  • WebVideoCap – Capture ( flash-videos.flv ) and streams / rtsp MMS from video web pages

  • Description

    After the web space video, you can save the actual video file to a local CD or DVD for future offline playback.
    If the saved video file is literally in your browser’s cache, this usage can help you extract the video file from the cache and even save it for later viewing.

    It automatically scans all Internet Explorer cache, web browserbased on Mozilla (including Firefox), Opera and Chrome and then finds them.
    any if video files, they are currently stored there.
    With it, you can easily copy cached video files to another folder for later playback/viewing.
    If you have a video player compiled to play FLV files, you can also use this concept to play videos directly from your browser’s cache.

    How do I reinitialize offline cache in Windows 10?

    In the Folder Options section of the Offline Files tab, press CTRL+SHIFT and then simply delete the files. Next message: Offline File Cache Blend on I would say that the local computer is being reset.
    Click Yes twice to restart your computer without question.

    point to the user of Internet Explorer 10.0 and 11. 0: Which videos of these versions need to be restored in IE, you need to click on the new media (Advanced options f6) and
    Select the “Internet Explorer 10 Cache” option in any section that loads “video files…”.

    How do I reset the store cache?

    All cache files here in Windows Store will be cleared when clients reset or Windows Store memory cache files. This should definitely wipe your device’s app data permanently, including your login credentials. Go to Settings > System > Apps & Features > Store > Advanced Options > Reset.

    Download resources are at the bottom of this page.


    Version history

  • Version 3.09

  • Updated to check the In cache_data subfolder of the latest version of the Chrome web browser.
  • Version 3.08

  • The task has been updated to work correctly with string section memory cache in recent versions of Chrome.
  • Version 3.07

  • Fixed for proper filtering URLsfrom various recent versions of Firefox.
  • Version 3.06

  • Updated to work properly with Chrome’s new memory cache sharing. (In the previous settings, the URL was displayed with the prefix _dk_).
  • Version 3.05

  • Added a useful option selected “Merge files manually” (Ctrl+M). Also, if you have split DVDs, files that VideoCacheView cannot automatically
    When you find that you have merged, you can select all items, press AND Ctrl + M, then VideoCacheView will definitely easily merge all selected items into one.use
  • After the “Combine files manually” option, you can use the “Copy any selected files to…” option to create a merged file.
    Note that the files combined in an arrangement can be identified by the creation time of each file.
  • Version 3.00

  • Added support for the new Simple For HTTP cache in the Chrome web browser format.
  • Version 2.98

  • Fixed merging all current YouTube video links with and recognizing them. Also fixed a bug due to which VideoCacheView contained text. XML-image, or associated with the surface of the merge file of the internal video stream.
    resulting in the entire merged file being corrupted.
  • For more information about monetizing YouTube files, see the YouTube Videos section.
  • Version 2.97

  • Fixed issue: Failed to extract VideoCacheView from links with mms mp4 files in IE10/IE11.
  • Version 2.96

  • Bug fixed: 32-bit VideoCacheView link to In Dead Read Cache ie11 for 64-bit systems.
  • Version 2.95

  • VideoCacheView now automatically finds the Yandex web browser cache and temporary folder formats. note, (Note that Yandex is based on the Chrome web browser, so it appears in “chrome” in the browser column.)
  • How do I reinitialize offline cache in Windows 10?

    How to clear Microsoft Store cache on Windows 10?

    Next, we’ll show you how to install the Microsoft Store cache for third-party store apps using the command line. Press Ctrl + R + to open this Run dialog box, then type “WSReset.exe” in the “Open:” field.