How to Fix CMOS Checksum Error

Clearing the real https://cmosdepot.com will reset the BIOS to factory settings. In most cases, you can clear part of the CMOS through the BIOS view. In some cases, you may be able to open the computer case.


If you find that the problem persists after you turn off your computer, it may mean that the CMOS battery has failed or failed. The CMOS attempts to power on the computer for several days before replacing the battery. Sometimes leaving the laptop on may charge the battery.

How do you reset the CMOS on a computer?

Turn off your favorite computer.
Unplug your computer from the electrical outlet.
Press the power button several times to clear all capacitors.
Locate the CMOS power batteries on the motherboard.
Carefully remove some CMOS batteries.
Wait a few minutes, then replace the CMOS battery.

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What is CMOS failure?

The most common symptom of solar CMOS battery failure is an incorrect or slow date and time in the BIOS, loss of BIOS settings when each computer is turned off, a “clock has stopped” error message, etc. When the CMOS battery is low, BIOS settings may be lost when the computer literally turned off.

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A checksum error is an incompatibility between CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) and BIOS (Basic I/O System).a) that occurs when you start a computer in your company. Occurs when the computer cannot read the boot information or the prompts do not match.

In this guide, we will explain what causes the CMOS checksum error and provide troubleshooting and troubleshooting instructions.

Causes Of A CMOS Checksum Error

How do I fix the CMOS error on my computer?

Restart your computer frequently. A normal reboot will usually generate a new checksum and resolve the new error.
Download and flash the BIOS update. Download the update frequently from the motherboard manufacturer’s website.
Reset BIOS.
Replace batteryat CMOS.
Contact a technician or computer repair technician.

There are several possible causes for a CMOS error, although almost everyone reverts to their infected CMOS information for one reason or another.

Before any boot, the computer motherboard takes on many auxiliary tasks, preparing its own system components for work and, last but not least, shifting these tasks to the operating system. The software on each motherboard is called the BIOS. In addition to booting the computer, the BIOS contains several options for calling up its hardware, such as speed, voltage, schedule, and boot priorities. BIOS settings are not saved to the failed drive. They are on a chip called CMOS.

Whenever you contributeChange the BIOS startup options, start or shut down the computer, numerous personal events are written to the CMOS. It keeps track of important information so that everything runs smoothly the next time you start your computer. CMOS stays on your computer while your home computer is turned off because it is powered by a clock battery. When an electronic computer starts up, it reads the state it was last in from the main CMOS. It can usually read the information and recover without any problem. A CMOS checksum error occurs when the computer cannot finally read this information.

One of the most common causes of a checksum error is also usually the easiest to fix. The battery that powers the CMOS is a watch battery, which can become exhausted over time. When the battery is low, CMOS can no longer store information.

Other causes are power surges and sudden power outages. If computer A fails to successfully write information to CMOS before it suddenly shuts down, it willIt is difficult for children to pick up where they left off. Power surges can also lead to crime or property damage.

The latter cause may be less common, but it can start. If the BIOS is corrupted or possibly corrupted, it will cause a discrepancy between the BIOS and CMOS. Viruses are rare but can infect and damage the BIOS. However, it is more common for a BIOS update or drive system update to fail, causing this tool to be out of sync with the BIOS.

How To Fix CMOS Checksum Errors

While it’s not always possible to fix a CMOS checksum error if hardware damage occurs, it’s usually easy to fix. Follow the steps below to fix the error.

  1. Restart your computer. Normal on reboot usually generates a good checksum and fixes the error. An error that persists after a normal reboot requires additional work.

  2. Download and install a specific BIOS update. Download the update from the motherboard manufacturer’s website. SomeSome motherboards may be able to download the update along with the BIOS by immediately connecting to the network using an Ethernet cable.

  3. A variation of BIOS reset. On some motherboards, simply switching between the board and the back of the computer is enough to reset the BIOS settings. If there is no such switch, you will drain your amazing system’s CMOS battery in a minute or two. Loss of power resets everything in CMOS.

  4. Replace the main CMOS battery. If a dead battery could be the cause, you just need a new one. The CMOS battery is located on the PC motherboard. It is easy to install on desktop computers and contains a minimum of metal. Laptops require you to go inside the machine to access the motherboard along the way, and this is best left to a professional.

  5. Contact a reputable technician or computer repair technician. If all these operations are unsuccessful, the problem may be related to damage to the device. Before buying another motherboardDispose of or dispose of the device, it is important that it is checked by a professional.

  • What is a checksum?

    A is checksum, an algorithm used by many programs to verify the integrity of a file. This is constantly used in downloaded programs to confirm that all files have not been modified or corrupted.