BIOS problems


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Why does my PC keep going into BIOS?

If your home computer continues to boot into the BIOS, the problem may simply be caused by an incorrect boot order. Just check if each suitable boot device is available in the BIOS. When you find it, set the entire drive as your primary hot spare. If your hard drive cannot be found in the BIOS at the specified startup time, replace the hard drive.

When you buy a SilentPC computer from.com, you can be sure that not only do we carefully select numerous components, but we carefully and test every single detail in our PCs. Dilemmas arise when our customers add products or change BIOS settings independently of us. SilentPC is not responsible for details added to designs by customers or for custom BIOSes made by customers or engineers other than ourselves.

However, if you You will encounter BIOS problems immediately, as a rule, the following are the most common instability and computer BIOS errors that users encounter and how to replace the BIOS to bioscrunch.com the following problems.

1 | BIOS Error – Overclock Error

The “Overclock Failed” error screen usually appears when your BIOS settings are satisfied, and usually has nothing to do with overclocking your system, of course you just tried to overclock your entire system. Some common cases causing errors:

  • Your system has switched to paper forms
  • Your CMOS battery is usually bad.
  • Your system is experiencing exposure problems
  • Overclock your or your memory (we don’t overclock our CPU)
  • Adding a new device doesn’t work
  • We do not recommend overclocking any part of a silent PC. RAM or CPU overclocking is not supported because you are instructing the PC to send more power to the CPU or RAM than was designed by the component to increase speed and performance. Overclocking reducesthe lifespan of your PC and may damage PC components (if not done correctly). If you’re running a silent PC, you’ll typically already be experiencing significantly higher temperatures in your company than with a single standard version. Overclocking exponentially increases this type of PC heating, which increases the wear and tear of components.

    2 | BIOS – Device Error

    A failed device is the second most common occurrence of a BIOS error video screen (after overclocking a PC). This often happens when a new flash drive, device, USB drive, or hard drive is connected to the computer. In most cases, adding a new boot drive or hard drive to your computer should not cause any inconvenience, as all ports on our computers have been extensively tested. However, we can’t test every component and it could be an optional device that customers want to add to their machine later.

    Faulty flash drives, USB devices, or hard drives often cause this errortype on the screen. If this .BIOS error occurs immediately after connecting an incredible device to your computer, simply disconnect the device and restart it to check if the error persists. If everything is acceptable after uninstalling the new product, you can assume that the new device was faulty or unstable.

    If you added a new device, first disconnect it from the network, then restart to check if the errors persist. If you don’t see an error when you remove the device, there may be an incompatibility issue between the new device and your console, or the new device may have failed. If you connect the device to another computer, you will know if the device is faulty or not.

    If you purchased a computer from us and encounter this BIOS error screen without adding a new device to your company computer, feel free to contact us at support@silentpc.com There may be a serious problem behind the BIOS error screen. Restore

    How To Restore Factory Settings and BIOS (SilentPC.com)

    How do I fix corrupted BIOS?

    Check your computer to see if it has a warranty.
    Boot from BIOS (Gigabyte redundant motherboards only).
    Remove the card from the custom layout.
    Reset BIOS.
    Update the person’s BIOS.
    Replace BIOS chip.
    Change motherboard type.

    If your custom BIOS settings have been adjusted or you have tried to overclock your computer but it is turned off, you may need to reset your BIOS settings to non-optimized retail settings. Resetting the BIOS settings to factory settings is also called the BIOS recovery settings method. SilentPC.(Cool com Tech PC) stores all BIOS settings in the “BIOS Profiles” tab, which is supported by most modern motherboards. Simply load any profiles, including previously saved ones, under the profile body (if you haven’t edited the profile associated with those profiles) to restore almost everything to the state it was in when the PC was delivered.

    Load BIOS Defaults

    Below is a quick guide to uploading your profiles:

  • In the BIOS, enter the BIOS by pressing this Del key or (depending on the f2 key depending on the motherboard) while bypassing the computer (when the BIOS screen appears).
  • Click on the “Tools” tab. Follows
  • You will regularly see an element named “Profile” “. Just use the entire profile to initially download the settings for your car that the first customer received.
  • Press F10 and select Save Reset and . Settings The bios should now revert to the state we first configured it in.
  • 3 | BIOS Error – CPU Fan Error

    Can BIOS be fixed?

    A damaged motherboard can be caused by various events. Most often this is due to flash memory failure when the BIOS update was aborted. Once you can access your operating system, you can use the hot flash method to repair a corrupted BIOS.

    Many customers are facing an error telling them about a new big CPU fan error. Mainly because our fans are slower and quieter than conventional fans. We have made our games as quiet as possible, and some of our models no longer have moving parts.

    This error most commonly occurs during a BIOS reset, often as a result of an improper shutdown or power failure. By default, we disable the CPU fan speed sensor because the motherboard thinks the main fans are dying (although without a doubt we only use slower fans than the standard best version). We recommend checking the “Monitor in Hardware” section of the BIOS to seeto see if the cpu fan is really spinning when you get errors. However, my partner and I recommend enabling the fan sensor in the above BIOS since we use our silent CPU coolers.

    Because there are many different types of BIOS revisions and revisions, we may not be able to provide a step-by-step guide on how to do this. Almost all of the exact BIOS fan settings can be found in the Hardware/Monitor BIOS section. For detailed instructions on how to easily navigate through the BIOS, see your motherboard manual. If you later purchased your computer from everyone and don’t know what to do when you receive this error message, please contact us at .