How to resize the Cave Story+ window?

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I realize it’s been three years since this post was written, but if anyone else stops here looking for an answer, please check out my Scratch post on the Steam forums.

It took me a while to copy/paste my original location from the forum format ov Steam and therefore for stack replacement:

The default Cave Story+ period is too long (in my opinion), although it can be instantaneous. resize by clicking and dragging, I wouldn’t want to mess with that. i

Disclaimer: Works with a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440, which may not work for users with lower resolutions (for example, 1920 x 1080). However, you can experiment with the x/y values ​​of the window size, and also set the in-game mode to “stretch” to enable things like “sharpen” to see if that makes a difference.

To this end, I’ve been working on finding a way to automatically resize the van window based on certain parameters. I think I have decent solutions; You can choose the intermediate methods AutoHotkey and NirCmd (I really need AutoHotkey because it works better with process names when sizing windows).

With AutoHotkey (the Easiest Way)

  1. Download my new precompiled AutoHotkey executable
  2. Pplace Cave Story+ (Window Mode).exe in steamapps\common\Cave Story+

  3. Skip to the “Add because this is not a Steam game” section below

Using AutoHotkey (manual Method)

  1. Download/Install AutoHotkey
  2. Launch Cave Story+ and access your own game options menu

  3. Change Screen Type to Window in Market

  4. Change screen scale in Sharp

  5. Close Cave Story+

  6. Go to the Cave the Story+ web directory in steamapps\common

  7. Right click / New / AutoHotkey Script named “Cave Story+ (Windowed Mode)” (no quotes)

  8. Open the script in Notepad and paste the following:

    #NoEnv , recommended for performance and compatibility, and for future versions of AutoHotkey.
    ; #warn , turn on warnings to help spot common errors.
    Send mode Input; Recommended for new scripts due to superior speed and reliability.
    SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% - Ensures home directory consistency.
    Run Steam://rungameid/200900
    sleep, 3000
    WinMove, ahk_exe CaveStory+.exe, , 4, 0, 1296, 955
    WinWait, ahk_exe CaveStory+.exe
    CenterWindow("ahk_exe CaveStory+.exe")
        WinGetPos,,, Width, Height, %WinTitle%
        WinMove, (A_ScreenWidth/2)-(width/2), %wintitle%,, (A_ScreenHeight/2)-(height/2)
    come back to
  9. Save script

  10. Run a specific script directly (or create a secret formula for it) or host it as a non-Steam field (see below)

With NirCMD

  1. Launch Cave Story+ and open the game options menu

  2. Change screen type to window

  3. Change screen scale in Sharp

  4. Close Cave Story+

  5. Go to the Cave Story+ address list in steamapps\common

  6. Right click / New / Text document named “Cave Story+ Window Case Mode” (no quotes)

  7. Open a text file by pasting:

    nircmd win hides cmd.exe header
    run steam://rungameid/200900
    don't wait 3000
    nircmd brings home CaveStory loot size setting process +.0 exe ​​0 1296 955
    Nircmd Victory Center Name Cave Story+
  8. In general, the document should be saved as batch information (File/Save As, then add .softball bat at the end of the content name, for example: Cave Story+ house window mode.bat

  9. Load NirCmd (scroll page)
  10. Unzip nircmd.Into exe from the Cave Story+ folder (you only need one of it, nircmd.exe)

To Add It As Non-Steam (launch The Game From Steam)

  1. Open Steam, go to Library

  2. Press the “+ ADD GAME…” button in the lower left corner of the screen frequently

  3. Choose “Add non-Steam game…”.

  4. Click Browse.

  5. Navigate to the Cave the Story+ folder and select Cave Story+ (window mode).exe (if using my precompiled executable) and even CaveStory+.exe using the manual AutoHotkey method or the NirCmd method

    < / whether>

  6. Click Add Selected Programs.

If you are using a precompiled executable, you are done at this point. You should be able to navigate to Cave Story+ (in a window) in your Steam Library. If you are using one of the other two methods, continue:

  • In the library, right-click the duplicate CaveStory+ entry (the space will be removed) and select Properties.

  • Change the title to something more descriptive, such as “Cave Story+ (Windowed)” or similarSpecific Method

  • Click Edit.

  • Change the file type to “All Files (.)”

  • Choose “Cave Story + window mode.ahk” if using AutoHotkey, or “Cave Story + glass window mode.bat” if using NirCMD .exe instead of .ahk, but it doesn’t matter )

  • Click “Open”.

  • Click “Close”

  • You can now launch Cave Story+ from your current Steam library with a custom truck window size. To change the size, edit the desired batch file and change the two numbers at the end of this line:

     nircmd win setsize Strategy CaveStory+.exe 0 **1296 0 955**

    1296 corresponds to the x-size and 955 just corresponds to the y-size. Cave Story+ runs at a surprisingly odd aspect ratio of 1.296, always keep this in mind when clients resize windows, as multiple aspect ratios will result in banding in the image. Other sizes of window frames with this aspect load:

    Using these values ​​will give you an image with no black borders, but you can experiment with other resolutions if you like.

    Also, if for some reason ok If the game doesn’t resize correctly, try increasing the rating from 3000 (either in AHK or scripts) nircmd to 4000 or 5000:

     sleep, **3000**
        without waiting **3000**

    To Automatically Centralize Windows Using The SDL Environment Variable

    This is just something you can do to make the process of centering the new window smoother. My scripts automatically center the window owned by the person, but adding this environment variable can speed things up a bit. This affects all windows using SDL (not just Cave Story+) because it requires an environment variable to be added. The easiest way to do this:

    1. Create a new text document

    2. Open it and paste:

      REM Set environment variable to center SDL windows if not set

      if SDL_VIDEO_CENTERED is defined (
      ) different (