How to Fix Windows Beta Bash Errors

How to Fix Windows Beta Bash Errors

I canceled the instruction, when it becomes public, to activate Bash on Windows 10. I activated the latest version of Windows in developer mode, activated the “Windows Subsystem for Linux Build (Beta)” in Method Settings, and restarted the computer. But then find “bash” in the start menu and click on it, it does everything in a split second and then nothing happens; in principle, he does not write anything and does not react.
I tried to runthread some calculations in the system as connecting the controller to the desktop from another machine. Neither worked.

Then I tried to right click on “bash” and run it like a boss (my user is an administrator anyway), but unfortunately I get the error message: “The device connected to the system is not working.”

I open all the command commands and type bash again, I get an error: “Console controls are not supported. You must turn off the legacy console to use this feature. ”

What Time Is It? ¶

This installation guide is beta for many (now released with a date)
The “Creators Update” option is “Bash on Ubuntu” (BoUoW) for Windows 10.
This version of Windows 10 is officially known as version 1703.
published around April 2017.

More modern instructions included in “Fall Creators”
When updating your WSL version, please refer to the relevant instructions HERE.

Here is a complete description of Microsoft on these topics.
Updates, including the ability to “remove type and”
Replace – Old Linux – note that this comes with removal
Files at the top of the Linux page, also make sure all files are there at the same time
You can see the sides of the windows as advised HERE.


Some general information is provided in their
About the page
. v
the installed version of Ubuntu is 16.04.

Currently, the “Copy + Paste” function in the order window is the default for payment.
works a little awkwardly. In the market, you may want to copy / paste by selecting
Enables actual expanding in the upper left corner of the window. (Within
Most of the instructions here will be with a completely new terminal interface, some will be

Other exploitation techniques use tcsh bash or shells
must be implemented as a standard for the entire terminal. However, the whole Windows Ubuntu OS works.
not currently available to allow tcsh by default (maybe like
warnredil courtesy – his descriptive name …) btw we are considering this
System configuration for bash use only.

Important! As with the other instructions, installation is required
have boss privileges on your custom system.

This feature is a new development for your Windows.
Systems, and we’re just starting to test how it works in an amazing way
AFNI besides SUMA through them. Several major ones at the moment
The function seems to work, although the graphics in some examples
can be slow. Will we still recommend Linux or Mac systems?
for a large-scale investigation during this period. Requirement:

Install “Bash On Windows”

Why is there no Bash command in Windows 10?

Unless there is any confusion anywhere, or as Microsoft actually thinks Linux is, that part of their system has merged with theirs, there was still no bash command in Windows. You can practice and browse the search engine of your choice. Bash commands on Windows 10 lack the benefits that are usually associated with all Linux installations on Windows.

  • Follow the instructions in some of the first paragraphs HERE to return
    Windows PowerShell works with.

  • Follow the instructions HERE.
    install “Bash on Windows” from Microsoft. (Administrator required

  • Install bash and Ubuntu on Windows: in the bottom left corner
    Office, click “Ask me something” and type:

  • In the instruction window that opens, enter:

    and the installation continues. AfterAfter installation, bash starts
    Linux shell.

From now on, standard Linux lethal commands
work (e.g. ls , cp , etc.).

To “open” a terminal, you should be able to navigate to the search bar in the lower left corner.
(where it says “Type here to search”) and start typing “Bash on”
Ubuntu – If you do, it will likely close automatically as you type. In addition, you have
can keep secrets on the Windows desktop.

System Requirements For Installation: Xming X Server For Windows®

 echo "export DISPLAY =: 0.0" >> ~ / .bashrc

When you launch BoUoW your clients need it by double clicking
on the nearest Xming icon to start any X server. (Sorry,
not much of our fault …)

System Requirements For Installation: AFNI And Transaction Dependencies¶

We assume your version is linked to Ubuntu 16.04, or you can do so now
Follow the setup instructions below until “Create AFNI / SUMA”.

  • Installing an R package can be very slow, on the order of
    In any case, copperFusion is often helpful.

  • First paste the optional gnome-terminal installation in the most important

  • Copy and paste the following into your current terminal:

     sudo sed -i 's / . * <\ / listen> /  tcp: host = localhost, port = 0 <\ / listen> / '/ etc / dbus -1 / session.conf

 sudo sed -i 's / . * <\ / listen> /  tcp: host = localhost, port = 0 <\ / listen> / '/etc/dbus-1/session.conf

Useful Settings (optional, Options, But Recommended) ¶

  1. Install fonts from Ubuntu station as described HERE.

  2. Do the following gnome-terminal :

    • “Use with system theme” colors that change in the standard profile show
      completely black terminal. To fix this: select the Edit tab then rotate
      Profile , with “Use Colors …”, is finally easy too
      Choose the current scheme + the palette you like.

    • In gnome-terminal, all aspects are standard and also similar
      Linux which helps with the implementation and the middle controller button inserts whatever it is
      selected in the entire BoUoW terminal as well as other Gnome terminals.
      Shift-Ctrl-c copies,Shift-Ctrl-v will also paste.

  3. As with most Linux systems, some parts should be in sudo format. be created
    Authorization. The name and password may not have anything to do with each other.
    your Windows ID. To reset your password without a doubt as a user
    USER_X , follow these instructions:

    • In the standard command window, select Super [windowskey] + X ,
      then A . You can change default to root user:

       lxrun / setdefault user root

    • BoUoW is now registering your company as root before you ask for a password. Change
      user password:

    • Replace our standard user with your current Windows standard user.
      Command line:

       lxrun / setdefaultuser USER_X

 lxrun / setdefault user root
 lxrun / setdefaultuser USER_X

Create AFNI / SUMA¶ Profiles

  1. Copy + Paste:

     cp $ HOME / abin / AFNI.afnirc $ HOME / .afnirc
    suma -update_env

    Purpose: Set up field variables normally for AFNI and
    SUMA. To find out how you can of courseend up subordinating certain things to your will, read
    Technical information.

 cp $ HOME / abin / AFNI.afnirc $ HOME / .afnirc
suma -update_env

Bootcamp Preparation¶

  1. Copy + Paste:

     curl -O https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/pub/dist/edu/data/CD.tgz
    tar xvzf CD.tgz
    tcsh s2.cp.files. ~
    CD ..

    Purpose: load data from bootcamp class; unzip + unzip site (= up); open
    it is distributed in a newly created directory; run the program to copy
    files in $ HOME /. .

    If the above does not show the error as well as your afni_system_check.py
    says everything is going well, can anyone remove / remove the tar / zip package,
    with “ rm CD.tgz “. If customers are truly confident, you should
    deleted the CD / directory to its current location.

  2. ! Professional advice! : Get a new computer mouse you can rely on at Bootcamp. This
    much easier to stick with demos, maybe so.

  3. Read + practice with the practical Unix documentation / Tutorial.Give

    Purpose: to give a short lesson / remind about the use of the bases Th Linux.
    Shell directives (e.g. ls , cd , less , etc.) Will be very
    Make this boot camp even better – everyone promises it!

 curl -O https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/pub/dist/edu/data/CD.tgz
tar xvzf CD.tgz
tcsh s2.cp.files ~
CD ..

Evaluate The Configuration / System (important!) ¶

  1. Copy + Paste:

     afni_system_check.py -check_all

  2. Why is my bash_profile not working on Windows?

    Simply creating a .bash_profile will forever ignore your .profile, and the little thing Windows wrote in it shouldn’t work. To suppress beeps when a remote instrument is connected, just create comparable software ~ / .inputrc and ~ / .vimrc on the remote component to disable ssh beep yourself.

    Read the phrase “Please correct” at the end. If after that there is no one
    Suggestions, rejoice! Otherwise try the suggestions

  3. Take off to open the AFNI and SUMA GUIs to make sure everything is ok:

    Report Crashes!

  4. If you have been blocked, it is possible that …