1 Step to Fixing Windows Errors & Problems

We Fix Problems offers a wide variety of services to rid your computer of problems you are experiencing. Whether that is removing viruses, cleaning up junk files or speeding up the load time, We Fix Problems has an expert for it.

We Fix Problems was founded in 2001 by Robert Jones after he graduated from MIT with a degree in Computer Science. He opened his first store in downtown Bellevue and had much success there so he decided to open more locations throughout Seattle. Now, over ten years later, We Fix Problems has twenty-eight stores located all around Seattle and Bellevue.

The most popular service at We Fix Problems is getting rid of viruses on your computer . This takes students especially long because they try to take shortcuts by downloading antivirus programs themselves. At We Fix Problems, we make sure that all of our antivirus programs are regularly updated to ensure the best protection for you.

Another type of service We Fix Problems offers is getting rid of junk files on your computer . So much clutter can build up in a short period of time and it can slow down your computer tremendously. Just like when you clean your room, sometimes all you need to do is take everything out from under your bed and suddenly you have more space. By taking out all the unnecessary files off of your computer , it speeds up the machine by a few seconds which makes a very noticeable difference.

We Fix Problems also offers a unique service called Steam Cleaning . If you have installed Steam onto your computer , then this takes care of all the unnecessary games you have acquired through trading or just simply buying them. Almost everybody has a few extra games that they never play and those can clog up space on your computer . Once we Steam Clean your machine, it will be full of only the games you actually want to play!

We Fix Problems can also speed up load times if your hard drive is full and you need more space. If you constantly save every single thing onto your computer , eventually there won’t be enough room for any files and the load times will increase drastically. We offer data recovery services as well which helps recover lost documents from crashes or accidental deletions. With twenty-eight stores in Seattle and Bellevue, finding one that is close to campus should not be very difficult.

Since We Fix Problems is open Sunday, students who are too busy during the weekdays to come into one of our stores will have time after classes on Sundays. All twenty-eight stores will be open until six in the evening so if you drop by your computer would be fixed with in a couple hours! There are also online services that can do most simple fixes within twenty-four hours. So what are you waiting for, come on down and see why We Fix Problems is the best choice!