This page contains security patches of a current and urgent nature. Please also check the following sites:

Rootshell, a must read site
The Linux Security Home Page, also excellent

Important Note. The following material has been published solely to provide software maintainers and authorized system administrators with detailed information on security problems pertaining to systems software. Use of this information in order to obtain unauthorized access or deny service on systems owned or maintained by others is unlawful in many localities, and fines and penalties are often severe. LISC does not and cannot endorse or condone such activities.

Patches currently on file:

Added 16 Apr 1998 14:18 UCT,   Delivered by Alan Cox, this applies to 2.0.33 and before and to all 2.1.x kernels to date. Priority apply this for 2.0.33 or this for 2.1.96 in your /usr/src/linux/net/ipv4 directory before the exploit hits rootshell.

Added 8 Feb 1998 0:00 UCT,  Ultima’s latest patch has to do with expiry of IP fragments in 2.1.x kernels. Better look at this one. Exploit was made available 10 Feb 1998 3:59 UCT here, along with his complete tar file.

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