Since 1994, a small, somewhat silly group of Linux users and sysadmins called LinPeople has offered free Linux technical support via Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Since Linux is a free operating system, it seemed appropriate to provide a free way to support it.

Originally launched on EFnet, #LinPeople had several homes in its first two years of existence. In 1995 we switched to Undernet, then DALnet and finally in 1996 our own IRC network. These steps were taken to stay ahead of the rest of the IRC community and provide friendly and reliable support.

In the meantime, our IRC network has been converted to Open Projects Net. But we continue to support Linux users at #LinPeople 24/7, supporting new and experienced users.

Pay attention to this area. We intend to continue to provide support and assistance to the Linux community. Follow us as we improve and update our pages and add new services. Thank you for visiting and see you at irc.linpeople.org (irc.openprojects.net) #LinPeople channel!